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Our Company

In 1975 is founded IMBAL. penetrating into the industrial activity with the manufacture of woven wires, complemented immediately afterwards with the construction of iron-works of work, into a small workshop of 250 m2 into the city of Rio Tercero, Cba Province, Argentina.

1980 the increasing demand of the public and private sector did that the company begins to penetrate into the manufacture of silos for storage of grains and small metallic structures; possessing already from this then a new workshop of 1000 m2.

1990 the company changes domicile, being located since then inside the land of the Industrial Park Leonardo Da Vinci located in the same city. Counting the same one with necessary equipping to mobilize the construction of heavy structures, since the same ones passed to be the Principal Product of Manufacture.

1990 is annexed to the portfolio of products offered by the company, the preparation of manpower and equipments for quite types of industrial facilities inside the mechanical discipline.

Ends of 1990 the company understands that the development and survival in the future depend on the degree of professionalism that all your activities contain. It was so they join professionals in the technical area with a great experience acquired in companies that are employed from decades at the world of the industry.


Develop all our potential, not only to generate economic wealths, but also, well-being to our clients, personnel and to the community where we develop our tasks.


We want to be the best in the item and we are ready to assume the transformations necessary to achieve it.


- Quality

- Commitment

- Willingness to make