PIPING and Insulations

Imbal Rio Tercero and Imbal Fray Luis Beltran (Santa Fe), have the endowment of facilities, tools and suitable personnel, for the manufacture and mounting of piping.


IMBAL S.A. possesses an aptitude to make 20.000 inches / month and 16.000 inches / month to mount of piping.


ACINDAR – Villa Constitución
New train rolling mill SBQ

Plant of Solvent extraction (Contracted for De Smet) - 35.000 inches of piping for water of refrigeration, steam of discharge, steam of fall, piping of drain buried. Construction and mounting of conduit of great diameter in steel to the carbon and Stainless AISI 304. Manufacture of equipments of steam of high and low pressure. Mounting of the totality of the equipments.

BUNGE S.A. Plant Guipeba – Tancacha
Piping of Smokes of Boilers to Tumble dryer.

JUAN MINETTI S.A. – Industrial Plant Malagueño – Cba –
Isolation, tower spray.
Design, manufacture and mounting. Thermal Metallic protection to protect two bases of Oven II .Factory Malagueño.

JUAN MINETTI S.A. – Plant Yocsina – Cba.
Auxiliary construction.
Mattress placement Telisol of 100 mm
Coating with sheet of aluminium 0,8 mm.
Work realized in height.

ARCOR S.A. – Phone 54-(0351) 4208200 –Chacabuco 1346 – Cba.
CONVERFLEX's piping - Villa Mercedes - San Luis.
Piping Microfilm – Arroyito - Cordoba.
Piping of Soft Strained Candy - Arroyito - Cordoba.
Piping of New houses of air - Arroyito - Cordoba.
Piping net against fires - Arroyito - Cordoba.

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